Family fishing adventures!

Family fishing adventures

There’s still time to book a family fishing trip through Hilton Head Dolphin Tours. These adventures are made to get your family up close to the local fish of Hilton Head Island. It’s a great way to introduce everyone on safe handling of our local species. Our trips range from 2 to 4 hours. To […]

The best place to watch fireworks 🎆

On the Hilton Head Dolphin Tours firework adventure, it will feel like your own personal display as the night sky lights up for an  unforgettable experience. Feel free to bring snacks, drinks, and adult beverages as you watch the show from the closest possible location. When it’s over enjoy the stars in the sky as […]

Our new friend

While out on tour I had a buddy come up and say hi. I’d like everyone to meet one of our local guys Charlie. His hobbies include swimming, posing for photos, and just hanging around Hilton Head Dolphin Tour boats. Book a tour to come meet him.

What to Pack for Your Hilton Head Boat Tour

What to Pack for Your Hilton Head Boat Tour

So, you’ve booked your Hilton Head boat tour and are ready to go! But what do you need to pack? Whether it’s a Hilton Head dolphin tour, sunset cruise or vanishing islands tour, here are the essential items to have a comfortable and memorable experience: What to Wear for Comfort? We always suggest bringing an […]