Hilton Head Fireworks Cruises

Witness stunning fireworks glittering off the Low Country waters on our fireworks cruises in Hilton Head, SC. We'll take you to the perfect viewing point for an exciting evening of celebration.

Advance Booking Strongly Advised!

  • 2 Hour Firework Cruise
  • Every Tuesday night from June 22nd – August 17th
  • Safe and suitable for all ages.
  • Perfect viewing points.
  • See Hilton Head’s night lights
  • Avoid the traffic and chaos.

The Best Seat in The House

Think boat cruises are fun? Wait until you try them with fireworks! Join us every Tuesday night throughout the summer (from June 22nd to August 17th) as we enjoy Hilton Head fireworks in style!

Sheltercove’s Harbourfest marks the arrival of weekly fireworks every year, jam-packed with events from live music and food vendors to kids events and the main attraction – fireworks!

Undoubtedly the best seat in the house is on our Hilton Head fireworks cruises. We’ll sail out through Hilton Head Island’s inland waterways to the best, unobstructed view of the firework display. We’ll soak in the atmosphere before watching stunning fireworks glittering and reflecting off the water.

If you’re looking to plan a celebratory evening, this is the perfect idea. Why not crack open a drink too, while you sit back and enjoy? There’s truly no better way to witness Hilton head’s fireworks than on a boat tour!

Hilton Head Fireworks Cruises, Suitable for All Ages

Our Hilton Head fireworks cruises allow all ages to experience the fun. We can cater to groups and families of up to six people.

Safety and comfort are our number one priority, so whether you’re planning a party with your friends or a night out with your kids, we’ll make it happen.

More Than Just a Hilton Head Firework Cruise

Our Hilton Head fireworks cruises are planned to take you directly to the best viewing location for the show. But you’ll see so much more on route! Leaving around sunset, you’ll witness breathtaking, vibrant colors filling the skyline before the main event.

Hilton Head Wildlife

As we cruise through Hilton Head’s inland waterways, you’ll also see a variety of local wildlife. We regularly see Osprey, Herons, Egrets, Pelicans, Cormorants, Oystercatchers, Bald Eagles and other sea birds.

Spot Dolphins!

You might even see a bottlenose dolphin! These friendly mammals are known for leaping through the air, wowing our guests. Bottlenose dolphins swim near the shores of Hilton Head Island in the summer. They often come right up to the boat to say hi! If you’re lucky, they’ll visit us while we wait for the fireworks show. Federal laws prevent any feed or touching, but don’t forget to take a photo! Bottlenose dolphins are very social and live in groups of around 12. They communicate with noises like clicks, whistles and squeaks. As they’re mammals, they can’t breathe underwater, so they’re always hanging around near the surface

Hilton Head’s Glittering Harbours

Our Hilton Head firework cruises will also pass by harbors and mansions that offer wonderful glittering lights at night. Often overlooked, these lights are a great part of any late-night Hilton Head boat tour.

The Best Way to Watch Hilton Head Fireworks?

Hilton Head fireworks cruises are widely considered the best way to watch fireworks on Hilton Head Island. Without the chaos on land, you’ll avoid crazy parking prices, chaotic traffic and poor views. Instead, it’s just you and your group having fun!

4th of July Fireworks Cruises in Hilton Head

Our Hilton Head fireworks cruises on the 4th of July are the best place to celebrate! Every year, we take a lucky group out into the middle of the action. You’ll get a private viewing of the best firework display for the year! The island is known for being pure traffic madness on July 4th, but we’ll help you avoid it. Our limited spots for 4th of July fireworks cruises in Hilton Head go fast – so book in advance.

Birthday and Celebratory Parties

Fireworks are made for parties. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, graduation or new job, we’ll help make it a night to remember. With the opportunity to combine it with a Hilton Head booze cruise, you can celebrate in style!

Date Night Firework Cruises

Looking for an intimate date night unlike any other? Why not book a Hilton Head fireworks cruise for just the two of you. Out on the serenity of the water, you’ll get the perfect viewing spot of the show made just for you.

Harbourfest Information

Weekly Shelter Cove Fireworks

HarbourFest at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina on Hilton Head Island, S.C., is a local and tourist favorite. Every week throughout the summer, you can celebrate and enjoy a party atmosphere with live music, entertainment, arts and crafts, food, drink and Tuesday night fireworks! It’s almost like a 4th of July celebration every week! Perfect for kids, this is one not to miss. And of course, the best way to see the fireworks is on our Hilton Head fireworks cruises!

What Fireworks Might We See?

  • Cake Fireworks – These heavy-duty fireworks create aerial effects at a rapid pace. With hundreds of shots at once, we’ll probably see these as part of the show’s finale.
  • Kamuru – This rocket is the glitz and bang of any firework display as it explodes to leave sparkles shimmering to the ground. Yes please!
  • Spiders – We’ll almost certainly see these huge bursting fireworks! They let out screams and pops as they go.
  • Crossette – Crackling, crisscrossing beauties. They’ll erupt with whizzes and squeals.
  • Peony – Launched off a rocket, this is a classic. A round ball of falling stars with vibrant neon-like lights!

Fireworks Cruises in Hilton Head, South Carolina

If you’re interested in a celebratory boat tour in Hilton Head, SC, that is truly unforgettable, contact us today to book a fireworks cruise. Suitable for all ages, booking in advance is strongly recommended to ensure we can accommodate your group. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure other than our fireworks tours, check out some of our other packages: Hilton Head Dolphin Cruises, Hilton Head Sunset Cruises, Historic Savannah Cruises, Hilton Head Crabbing, Hilton Head Disappearing Island Tours, or if you’re looking to relax and let your hair down, we have custom tailored a Hilton Head Booze Cruises just for you!
Hilton Head Fireworks Cruises


    6 Person Maximum Per Boat

    Available Tuesday Nights

    Starting June 22nd

    8 PM - 10 PM

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    Hilton Head Fireworks Cruise

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    emi h
    emi h
    20:41 18 Jun 24
    Had a great day with Captain Brody! Highly recommend for a great time & guaranteed dolphin viewing!
    Taesha Griggs
    Taesha Griggs
    16:01 08 Jun 24
    So much fun! And, Captain Brody knew exactly where to go and was so knowledgeable about dolphins. The whole family had fun!
    Jessica Hanley
    Jessica Hanley
    20:42 11 May 24
    Patrick Won
    Patrick Won
    16:26 10 Apr 24
    Captain Brody was really great! Very knowledgeable and easy going. He was very communicative with setting up and pickup. Gave some really good food recommendations as well! My family of 6 really enjoyed it!
    Sarah Schaffer
    Sarah Schaffer
    22:33 07 Apr 24
    Captain Brody had to work hard as Mother Nature was challenging. But we went deep into the low country and found our dolphins. Highly recommend the private experience!
    Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan
    07:42 09 Jan 24
    Cheri Weller
    Cheri Weller
    00:53 04 Jan 24
    Captain Brody is a very pleasant and knowledgable captain with noticeable confidence and experience on the water. In addition to getting an up close and personal wink from a 45 year old local celebrity dolphin named Charley, we also had the pleasure of seeing many more dolphins, and hearing interesting stories along the way. Our family of 5 fully enjoyed the 2 hour dolphin cruise!! We are also excited to return for a longer in-depth cruise in the spring/summer to experience the migrating dolphin population and sea life. I wouldn’t hesitate to fully recommend Captain Brody. Thank you for the great afternoon!
    Dustin Sutton
    Dustin Sutton
    15:34 24 Dec 23
    A must for not only vacationers but it's an awesome experience for locals. As an avid boater and a resident of HHI there is rarely an occasion that dolphins are not seen in fact my family and I typically encounter several each time we launch in broad creek.
    Michael McCray
    Michael McCray
    00:02 10 Nov 23
    Captain and mate were great. Found a pod of 10 to 15 dolphins. Great to watch them for a good amount of time.
    AgentJ 0723
    AgentJ 0723
    12:51 08 Oct 23
    We ended our vacation by booking a 2 hour dolphin tour with captain Brody. This was the perfect way to end our amazing vacation! Captain Brody was very knowledgeable about the area and knew where to go to find the dolphins. We saw so many dolphins and even a pod of dolphins! It was a lovely day and we look forward to taking another boat tour with them on our next Hilton Head vacation.
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